Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira is dedicated to various platforms of musicianship. She performs, composes and produces in styles that expand from early music to metal to jazz. She plays most instruments that at least resemble a violin and some more, all of which can be heard in orchestral works that she produces.

She is the co-founder and the vielle player of the early music formation TWB Ensemble (The Wandering Bard) that brings together mythological storytelling and historically informed performances of renaissance and medieval music.

Aside from collaborating with countless ensembles, orchestras, bands and other formations, Esin likes to focus on different kinds of world music on her own.

Her first world music collection came out under the name “No Strings Attached (Swedish Folk Tunes)” presenting the unique style of Scandinavi music on her own, performing both melody parts with a historically authentic approach respecting the original richness of the folklore that has been associated with so much mythology and magic for centuries.

Released with a similar approach, her second world music album “Rooted (Irish Folk Tunes)” contributes to the everlivingness of the vigorious Celtic music style. Containing more than 30 traditional tunes and some of her originals, “Rooted (Irish Folk Tunes)”  is the second step of a World Music journey that will go on with her future albums that are in the making.
Her third solo album “My Vielle and the Rest” is a solo statement, focused on 12th and 13th century European Medieval music, and is an exploration of how far can one reach with one melody instrument while reflecting on most hidden emotions.

Since 2018 Esin is producing music as well as making it; since then she is the sound engineer to almost all formations she participated in and her debut single The Songbook of Tchinar Vol.1 is part of her solo orchestral project where she builds everything from scratch, starting from the compositions. She also directs and produces video material and creates presentation visuals for various musical formations.

Her solo albums and other collaborations can be found on all major music streaming platforms under her name.


The Songbook of Tchinar Vol.3

by Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira

Tailored for D&D and RPG enthusiasts, “The Songbook of Tchinar Vol.3” invites listeners on a fantastical journey guided by tunes of a bard and her otherworldly violin-like instrument that has the power to evoke orchestras. With just two tracks, this release packs a punch: “Survivor’s Dance” kicks off with a fierce tune that’ll make the scariest monsters dance to their death, while “Bright is the Ring of Words”, a reflective ballad, captures the essence of heroic yet lament-like adventures, with a misty and nostalgic string section. Get ready to dive into an orchestral adventure that’s raw, direct, and perfectly suited for your next gaming session!

Ocrhestral Works

The Songbook of Tchinar

Started off as soundtracks for a podcast series, The Songbook of Tchinar volumes became the most personal and authentic outlet for Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira. 

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If you wish to get to know Tchinar better, click here to read A Talk With Tchinar.

In the third volume of “The Songbook of Tchinar” series, Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira invites listeners to join her on a daring musical voyage. With a fierce dance tune, she dares the audience to scare death off its bones, while in a heartwarming ballad, she weaves through lament and hope, inviting all to share in the journey of the heart.

In the second volume of The Songbook of Tchinar, she creates a majestic and striking musical environment suitable for storytelling and living in a fantasy world where magic doesn’t only live within; where audience is invited to yearn for more and get driven to dare.

Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira’s own compositions; orchestrated, played, and produced by herself, provide the DMs with the background music for their epic battle scenes, tearjerker moments of love and loss, and the mead smelling inns where campaigners find a moment to gamble, gossip or gloat.

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Premium Content Stories 

In her “past life” Esin was a three times published writer of fantasy fiction and novels that sold thousands. Nowadays she works on stories of 10 to 30 minutes reading length.
(presented in release order, newest to oldest; reading order not required to enjoy the works)

(her favorite!)

Ensemble Work Examples

The Wandering Bard

TWB Ensemble is celebrating their reach to 1M listeners worldwide!

The Wandering Bard (a.k.a. TWB Ensemble) merges qualities of early music with the everlasting tradition of storytelling. Inspired by the traditions of bards, the ensemble performs and produces their repertoire accompanied by a narrative that shape their manuscript based arrangements and ties the beginning of the concert to the end.

The sixth album by the TWB Ensemble (The Wandering Bard) is an exhilarating journey through sound, a musical marvel that breathes new life into the medieval Cantigas de Santa Maria, attributed to Alfonso X, the Wise, a visionary Iberian king of the 13th century embellished by a legend from Leyriath.

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TWB Ensemble presents yet another legend from the “Manuscripts of Leyriath”, which can be musically experienced through repertoire from Renaissance Iberia, as well as listened in a storytelling style by the end of the album. “The Song of Lumino” tells of companionship, magic, beauty and most importantly, power of music; what it can bring, as much as take away.

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TWB Ensemble’s 4th album, released on the 800th year celebration of the birth of King Alfonso X El Sabio, brings the audience to medieval times with Cantigas de Santa Maria which are attributed to the king himself. At the end of the album a musical narrative is presented, inviting the audience to imagine through this music.

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My Vielle and the Rest

I neither live nor die,
From the lowest depths to the highest stars,
The chosen flower, filled with great beauties.

And you will enchant the enchanter, my vielle,
For there is reason to my pain,
But roots are what one keeps.

As breaks the dawn, when winter returns,
In the shade of an olive tree, I have in you my good hope.
Hoist the gall from me, blossom sprung from a single root,

I’ll go far away if my heart wants to follow.”

(This is not a poem written by one person. It is constructed by assembling quotations from songs of troubadours, trobairitz and other valuable people of the medieval ages whose music is found in My Vielle and the Rest.)

My Vielle and the Rest is a collection of 12th and 13th century songs, mainly but not only composed by troubadours and trouvairitz, presented as instrumental music in their most profound and most candlelit form. Only the bonus track is originally an instrumental piece found to be notated at a later century. The entire album is a duo between the instrument vielle and the silence, as hinted by the title. Each track is the result of a thorough research starting from the (if available multiple) manuscript/s, and a translation work that swims through Old Occitanian, Latin and other languages songs were originally written in, to get the essence of the song out without using the human voice. Perfomed by Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira on her instrument Venus the Vielle, an instrument funded by The Wandering Bard supporters and made specially for her by Orlando Trindade, this album is made to experience the silence, enjoy the darkness and cherish everything one finds within.

Three singles from the album “My Vielle and the Rest” were released during the album preparation. “Caritas abundat in omnia” by Hildegard von Bingen is a piece with a deep, dark and determined air, while Gaucélm Faiditz’s “Lo gens cors onratz” is an inviting, bittersweet and soothing musical wonder, followed by “Si ai perdut mon saber” by Ponç d’Ortafà, a melody so magical that it is uncertain what the audience can find in it regarding happiness or sadness.



Albums in pursue of the authentic sonorities of land and culture; for now Celtic and Nordic.

Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira presents her strong connection with Celtic music through sets of high spirited and exuberant Irish folk tunes, sentient O’Carolan classics and some of her originals. The album sets ground for the audience to engage in centuries old yet still fresh traditions.

Wrapped up in historical and mythological research on the look out for folkloric authenticity, this album focuses on sonorities of Scandinavian folk music from the 19th century with an authentic approach.


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The Multi-Genre Approach

She began participating in non-classical music formations during her early years of conservatory education in IUSC and CSMV while on numerous talent grants; meanwhile she kept insisting on discovering new styles with her instrument at a time when such interests had to be kept rather “hidden” in the classical music academical realm from which she received her BoM degree cum laude. She then pursued further education in CvA under the AHK talent grant.

Among plenty of others, ensembles and orchestras she participated in in a span of 15 years either as a band/orchestra member or as a guest musician include Vigo430, Metropole Orkest, Na Rota Do Peregrino (early music ensemble), Dot Quartet (jazz&folk string quartet), Quintessences (modern collaboration string quartet), Ikarai (modern jazz ensemble), Ensemble MED (medieval/sefardi music ensemble), Istanbul Swing (jazz manouche band), Almora (symphonic metal band) and Noesis Ensemble in which she did the musical arrangements for the sextet.

It can take a village to raise a musician. Beautiful people Esin was guided by on the path she is still walking include Genoveva Burova, Bahar Biricik, Gülden Teztel, Sonat Mutver, Erdem Çöloğlu, Mario Peris Salom, Emma Breedveld, Jeffrey Bruinsma, Walter Stuhlmacher, Christian Elsässer and Metehan Köktürk among many others.

She performs with violin, viola, vielle, rebec, electric violin and numerous percussion instruments.

Appears on


Examples from a versatile repertoire of collaborations and participations.

Recording session solo violin
11th Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA) winner for Best Jazz Album and Best Jazz Song (5 Minutes in Between)

Recording session string section
“Tasteful dream-pop, with dreamy synth-chords, ornaments and soulful singing, the orchestra really shines.” –

Recording session string section

Perfomed by the Metropole Academy, 2016
Conducted by Tijn Wybenga
Composition: Tijn Wybenga
Lyrics: Marína Ósk Þórólfsdóttir
Concert-master/solo: Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira
(Violin solo after 03:10)

Guitar/Vocals/Composition: Angelo Boltini
Live at Wisseloord, 2017

Jong Metropole in Radio Kootwijk, 2017
Performance excerpt from Snarky Puppy – Atchafalaya

Venus as a Boy – Björk
Arranged by Kevin Halporn
Live at Blue Note Amsterdam, 2016

Music & Lyrics: YenTing Lo
Voice: YenTing Lo
Piano: Tommaso Perazzo
Violin: Esin Yardımlı Alves Pereira
CvA Studio Amsterdam, 2017

(Violin solo after 02:10)

Other works


Esin is a three times published writer of fantasy fiction that sold thousands. Her first publication happened when she was 12 with a short story named Kül (Ash), on the same year her novel Kitap Kahramanı (The Book Hero) followed, in which she had the motivation to make kids read more books while keeping things interesting for the young readers (main charachters of Esin’s book were looking out to find a cool book for their lost-in-the-real-world “book charachter” friend). Later on her second novel, connecting the expectations about after life to the needs and assumptions of the living through a love story between two women called Sonun Sonrası (After the End) got published when she was 19, followed by many other stories.

Currently she is working on “Leyriath: Retold by Esin” that will soon find itself a place among audio books and ebooks in fantastical literature. Chapters from this work can be found in the Premium Content page reserved for CordaSonora Family Members.